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Q: Are you eligible for the Government rebates on Solar?
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Residential Solar

On average, an Australian family consume about 16kWh of electricity a day. A 5kW solar system produces 19kWh on average per day.

Commercial Solar

We believe you should invest in your business, not your energy bill. Businesses that spend over $1000/month on electricity can reduce their utility bill with solar and could begin saving right away.

Energy Audit

The best way to increase energy efficiency is to optimize the way we use energy and use them efficiently. At IRES, we do energy audit to improve the way you use your energy.

Can I afford to go solar? Are there any up front costs?

You save or you don’t go solar – it’s that simple. Plus, there are no upfront costs options available, and it will pay for itself and continue to produce free, clean electricity at least four times longer than the pay-off time, about five years on average. So, may be the better question is: Can you afford NOT to go solar?

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Are government grants for solar still available? Do I qualify?

Yes, Government grants are still available for installing solar systems on residential and commercial properties. The amount funded by the government depends on the size of system being installed.

At IRES, we help you help you with all the process required to secure the government grants towards installing the solar system on your property.

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Why IRES? Why go solar with IRES?

  • 12+ years of experience
  • German quality products
  • Offices in Germany & Australia
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Certified electricians
  • Accredited solar installers
  • Residential & Commercial projects
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  • 12+ years of experience

    IRES was established in 2003 in Korbach Germany and has operations across Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

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    Products of the highest Quality

    The quality of a product is reflected by the quality of components used and its workmanship. All IRES products are designed and engineered to German quality and manufactured to international standards.

  • Accredited Installers & Electricians

    All residential and commercial projects are designed and installed by Accredited Designers and Installers

  • Local service and Warranty

    At IRES, we offer full ranges of warranty services locally from Australia.

Making Sustainable Living a Reality

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